Behzad J LarryBehzad J. Larry
Behzad is a social entrepreneur and international development professional with diverse experience in Asia, Africa, and North America. Previously, he directed US operations for the prestigious William J. Clinton Fellowship, at the American India Foundation (AIF).  Behzad has also served as an AIF Clinton Fellow himself and worked in partnership with the private sector and state and national governments in India and Africa in the fields of waste management, public infrastructure, environmental policy, education policy, and livelihood development.

Behzad founded Voygr to harness the growing popularity of adventure tourism to address issues of economic and environmental sustainability in communities and regions in which these adventure tourism activities take place. Voygr will attempt to do so by allowing the adventure tourist from around the world to directly connect with local communities that provide adventure tourism services via its web portal.

Behzad graduated from Colby College, Maine with a degree in History and Classical Civilizations. Originally from Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, India, Behzad is a keen trekker, outdoorsman, and avid landscape & wildlife photographer.

Eli MonroeEli Q. Monroe
Eli Monroe is a professional program and brand strategist, and has designed successful approaches in the domains of social business, leadership and skill development, online jobbing, and mental health.  He has worked and traveled extensively, with a strong focus on Asia. Eli is also an alumnus of the William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India.  He holds an M.A. from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies where he majored in International Studies and Diplomacy.  He has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the Evergreen State College emphasizing cross-cultural communication.

Despite a career that has seen him working on high-impact projects in metropolitan areas around the world, Eli is a backwoods man at heart.  Born in the pristine wilderness of Northern California’s coastal mountains, Eli grew up on an organic farm surrounded by forests of redwoods, firs, and oaks.  The appreciation and preservation of Earth’s remaining natural places are paramount to his core values.