Increase Incomes/ Decrease Footprints

We at Voygr are adventure and outdoor enthusiast ourselves.  When going a new area, we were always frustrated with the lack of information available to us for booking ahead of time.  We found that the travel agents with whom we booked through were taking exorbitant fees and leaving very little for the guides.  All too common we heard from the guides, “Whoa, you paid that much? You should have just came straight to me.”  Voygr was born out of the idea that adventurers like us should in fact got straight to the guides.  We realized that having more information about the guides helped us make informed decisions in picking guides that adhere to leave no trace practices, and channeled our money directly to the people that are most impacted by tourism: the guides, porters, and hosts.

Our dual approach, coupling non-profit  certification (VESTA) with for-profit market incentive ( assures that there is a financial incentive to practice sustainability, and avenue in which to make it happen.

A VESTA Certificate of Sustainability benefits vendors including guides, agencies, hosts, home-stays, and anyone else that provides adventure tourism services. Certified vendors can access the adventure network and connect directly with potential clients, while learning how to work in environmentally sensitive regions and lowering their own impact and that of their clients.