Certified Sustainable

Through Voygr’s Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel (VESTA) workshops, trainings, and yearly refresher courses; guides, porters, and others in adventure tourism maintain the highest standards to ensure that sensitive ecosystems are protected, communities are compensated fairly, and the customer gets the best experience possible.  Voygr wishes to set a standard for adventure tourism that inspires guides and operators around the world to create and adhere to practices that helps tourism to grow in a positive manner.  Similar to “organic” and “fairtrade” certifications, VESTA gives tour providers a third-party credibility for their service, but also provides the training to help them meet our international standard.

When booking a VESTA Certified adventure, customers know that they are supporting a tour provider that understands how and why to implement sustainable travel, both ecologically and economically.  They will have gone through VESTA workshops, inspections, and user reviews that assure their genuine belief in the following:

Why Ecotourism?

– Sustain environmental assets

– Reduce global neglect

– Create a better product for responsible tourists


Why Fair Tourism?

– Increase income in communities that deal with tourism pressures

– Create fairer and safer working conditions for porters

– Longevity of human assets (preservation of worker’s fitness, and preservation of local cultures)

– A better product for responsible tourists

How Ecotourism?

– Leave no trace (see comprehensive guidelines for this)

– Negative waste production in the adventure area (you pack extra trash out every time)

– Responsible use of water

– Minimum net waste for the entire trip (i.e.. low packaging food, eco-stay on both ends of trip, minimum transport impact, boycott of certain adventures and establishments)

– Promotion of behavior change with community of tourists, tour providers, sellers, and other locals

How Fair Tourism?

– Adherence to VESTA pricing system if operating an aggregation

– For guides, adherence to Karma pricing system for porters and all tour associated workers (including yourself)

– Adherence to 30kg weight limit for guides and porters

-Promotion of cultural preservation for stays and sites (history, architecture, food, and dress)