• Adventure Responsibly

    Support local economies, reduce environmental impact, and help support community development
  • Remote Landscapes

    Explore remote landscapes sustainably with the world's best guides.
  • Visit Himalayan Giants

    Epic sunrises, mighty mountains, & sustainable tourism. What could be better?
  • Certified Sustainable

    Better working conditions for porters, access to insurance, and collectivized benefits make adventures sustainable for the community and the customer.
  • Keep The Mountains Clean

    Proper waste management strategies and lowering environmental impact are a crucial part of guide and porter certification.

Voygr promotes fair-trade adventure travel and ecotourism by standardizing green practices and offering a better way to book adventures.

We work towards lowering ecological impact and promoting livelihoods in remote communities globally by creating a 3rd party certification, adding accountability and consistency to tour providers that are branded as fair & sustainable. We leverage market forces to incentivize responsible practices by providing a superior for-profit booking platform. Voygr aggregates benefits such as insurance, advertizing, training, and reservations for responsible tour providers, giving them an edge in the market.

Certified Sustainable

Through Voygr’s Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel (VESTA) workshops, trainings, and yearly refresher courses; guides, porters, and others in adventure tourism maintain the highest standards to ensure that sensitive ecosystems are protected, communities are compensated fairly, and the customer gets the best experience possible.

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Ecotourism Workshops

VESTA Certification workshops are currently scheduled for our pilot region of Darjeeling in February 2014. In Phase 2, VESTA will hold these workshops at adventure hubs across the Eastern Himalayas and in Phase 3, globally.

Get Certified!

If you're an adventure tourism vendor, guide, home stay provider, or agent who is interested in ecotourism, sign up for a training workshop and start the certification process.

Going Global

VESTA aims to be global. We want ecotourism and sustainability to be the standard. While we're developing our model in the Eastern Himalayas, we're also actively seeking partnerships with tourism vendors across the world who already practice sustainable tourism. Over the next 3 years we plan on being present on every continent working at making sustainability the norm.

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